Man with pectus excavatum sitting cross legged meditating

Improve your pectus excavatum without surgery.

Our informational books will teach you the best ways to improve your pectus excavatum through stretching, excercise, and vacuum bell usage.

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Body improvement guide

Improve your pectus excavatum without surgery
30 page guide with pectus excavatum information
Basic dumbbell workout
Resource list
Measurement guide
Stretching / Yoga
Posture exercises
Vacuum bell training
Breath training
No questions asked refund policy

Mind improvement guide

Transform your mind
Coming soon
Body dismorphia information
Exercises to improve your confidence
Insight from a licensed psychologist
No questions asked refund policy

Both improvement guides

Both body + mind guidebooks
Coming soon

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Beta of the guidebook testers have reported back with positive results.
Proven results across hundreds of people.
“A wonderful collection of information”
Samantha B.
“It was so hard finding reliable information on how to use the vacuum bell, I'm so glad I found this!”
James W.
“Everything is backed by studies, I love it.”
Bryce L.
“I wish this existed years ago when I was struggling to take my shirt off.”
Simon S.


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